13. Mai 2015

Chasing Ice - 'The Story is in the Ice'

I am so glad that I was able to watch this documentary today at the United Nations Office in Vienna, it came out last year, but I never heard of it before. I recommend everyone to see it, it is marvelous and horrifying at the same time.

Here is my review:

In his documentary "Chasing Ice", the passionate environmental photographer James Balog faces life-threatening situations and extreme conditions to capture stunning and powerful images of glaciers melting under the effect of Climate Change.
Balog's quest to visualize the "biggest story facing humanity" began in 2005, when an assignment for National Geographic led him to the Arctic of Iceland. Struck by the shocking changes in the ice, he started the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) in 2007 as a photography project using time-lapse cameras over a period of several years to document the rapid glacier changes in the Arctic.
Together with his fellow adventurers he goes on a dangerous mission defying most extreme weather conditions, experiencing major technological set-backs and facing their own mortality. His willpower becomes most obvious when he is climbing on the icy glaciers with a severe knee injury holding onto his crutches to be able to take the most impressive picture. For James Balog this mission has become a "never-ending quest" in the desperate effort to raise awareness of the world's most urgent threat.
The film touches the audience to the very core, its pictures being both breathtakingly beautiful and terrifying at the same time, leaving you scared and thoughtful. But that is exactly the purpose of this film - people need visual evidence to understand how serious the situation is. "The time is clicking", James Balog warns us, "We are at the moment of a global apocalyptic change and humans are causing it."