15. Mai 2015

Farewell to... - The Vampire Diaries

Ok, I need to post this alright? Most of you probably think I am crazy watching such a stupid TV Show, but that's just me. I start with a show and after a couple of episodes, I find myself way too much attached to it, staying up until 2 am even if I have an exam the next day and spending the night searching for spoilers on tumblr. One of those series I got overly attached to was The Vampire Diaries. I watched it 6 years ago in England for the first time and fell in love with the story, the characters and Delena. Even though I wasn't much into Vampires, I liked it immediately and even went to a couple of conventions to meet the actors.
Anyway, why do I write this post? Because yesterday was the final episode of season 6, but for me it was the very last one. Because with the lead actress leaving, the last reason I still kept watching this show is gone. The sad thing for me is not that the series is over, it is that I am actually HAPPY that it is over. The series went downhill a long time ago. I guess after the third season. But really after the fifth. But I still kept watching. Even though I sometimes needed to force myself to watch it, I never missed an episode. I am quite loyal. And I invested too much time into it to give up. But can I just say that: What did happen to the writers? Or the actors? Was I the only one, who thought Ian's acting abilities got worse and worse? That Elena got as boring as Caroline, or even more? That the storylines were so poorly written, I was feeling embarrassed?   Or that even Delena left me bored? Or that at one point they just kept pleasing certain parts of the fandom?
Last nights episode was slightly entertaining, because there was a lot of blood, action and death. But that was all. I do not like the ending, I did not cry, I did not even feel sad that it is over now. Just that it made me regret ever to start watching it in the first place. Because I watched a lot of tv series in my life, but never one that left me so disappointed.

On the plus side: One tv show less to worry about :)